Sorry for the downtime

Some of you may have noticed the site being down for awhile (maybe not). Whenever I try to switch hosts, my site will just not work at all. I don’t know what it is, it’s been several hosting companies. Seems kind of strange to me. I guess I will stick to my current host, Host Gator. They have awesome support, affordable prices, and unlimited everything.

I just don’t know what it is with this site. I guess it’s best to just leave things alone now. :-??

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Looking for a new theme

Edit: I think I’ll keep this theme for now, I haven’t found anything else I like better.

I’ve been Google searching for weeks and can’t find a theme that suits me or this site. Most of what I find are photo blog related and I’m not really into posting many photos. Does anyone know of maybe someone’s personal blog that offers themes?

I really like this theme a lot, but I don’t want to keep it up forever.

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Cheaper isn’t always better

I tried to switch hosts to save money, and this company (that I won’t mention unless asked) offered unlimited hosting for about $23/year so I jumped on it. I had nothing but problems with FTP, my site not working, no cPanel, etc. I’m sticking with my current host where I pay $8.95/month for unlimited hosting and I’ve had no problems, been with them for awhile. I recommend Host Gator, they’re great.

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Note to people who want to register

I lock some of my entries for personal reasons, so you have to register and login to see them. Lately I’ve been getting tons of spam registrations so it’s possible I didn’t approve you because I couldn’t tell if you were a bot or not. The best thing to do is E-mail me with your username so I can activate you.

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So I renewed this domain after all

I wasn’t going to, but I kept getting e-mail warnings about it expiring soon. I figured once it expires, I probably won’t be able to get it back. I’ve had this domain for four years, I just can’t let it go so I sucked it up and paid the renewal (with an excellent coupon). I put the other domain on eBay to see if I can sell it and get rid of it.

I have some ideas for a new theme (although this hasn’t been up long), but I have too much homework this week. I contacted my advisor to see if I could take a break before my new classes start, but no response yet. It sucks that a break has to be approved by the school when other schools give students time off. Once classes are over, the next ones start the next day. I’m so tired of homework! It’s constant.

New year, new domain

You might be wondering why I got a new domain after having for so long. The main reason was cost. GoDaddy wanted $70 to renew it, and I think that’s too much. I used to be able to renew for one year which was much cheaper, but I guess they don’t allow that anymore. I also didn’t care for GoDaddy and couldn’t transfer to a new registrar because of something with .nu’s not being transferable (or something like that). will redirect here until it expires in April.

I apologize for not doing much of anything with my site, but the last class I was in was very stressful and time consuming. I’m also under a lot of stress and didn’t feel like bothering with it. As you can see, I removed all my old blog entries and redid the pages. If you had an account or were subscribed to e-mail updates on the old site, you should still be able to login or receive e-mail alerts.

I now have a new portfolio site and Deviantart account with free resources (you can find those links at the top navigation bar). I’m also offering domain and subdomain hosting for small blogs, information on that can be found in the domain section. I may consider hosting a different type of site as long as it’s small, but it would depend on what it’s about.

There’s not much new going on with me, other than I started new classes.