10 years

Just a quick update to say that 10 years ago today I registered erin.nu. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. I had a lot of domains the past, but this is the one I stuck with.

Some updates

So far I’ve got most things packed to move except for what I’m still using. I was assigned a new mental health worker who has come over to help. The first one wouldn’t get back to me on anything and would keep canceling on me, and the second one was very rude and pushy. I like the new one, she’s really understanding and helpful. Because I have back problems, I can’t lift or move things that are heavy. She’s going to have some of her co-workers help me move.

I also had to get a new laptop because the one I had got infected so bad somehow that it blocked all access to any anti-virus or anti-malware programs, couldn’t boot from a disk or USB drive, and reset Windows was also disabled. That has never happened before. I tried everything I could think of to fix it but nothing worked. I didn’t know how much it would cost to take it somewhere to be fixed, so I ended up getting a new one that I like better anyway.

I decided to remove the resources section of the site. Most of that stuff was really dated. If anyone wants to download all of them in a .zip file, I’ve uploaded it to Dropbox.

Finally a new theme

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Renewed my domain

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Switched hosts

I was finally able to switch hosts, I wasn’t at all happy with the company I was with. There were multiple failures and migrations I wasn’t notified of, too much downtime, and support was only available late at night (here) and their website said their support is 24/7 when it clearly wasn’t. They also completely did away with shared and reseller hosting plans. I’ve already cancelled with the old host. The new hosting is paid for a year, unless I need to upgrade my plan.

There’s not much else going on, I’m waiting on maintenance to get things done around here and I have appointments to go to. My birthday is on the 8th and I have nothing planned. Since I don’t have family with me anymore, birthdays are pretty uneventful. My mom told me she sent me an Amazon gift card and I should receive that on the 1st.

Not sure what to title this

I found out on Friday that my therapist is leaving. She waited until the end of our session to tell me. She explained that she weighed the pros and cons of a new job and decided to take it. I’m a bit sad by it, but therapists seem to come and go. On Thursday, I go back in to meet the new therapist who is taking over. I’ve always had a hard time finding one I connect with. If the new one doesn’t work out, I’ll have to wait for another one to become available, or I’ll be referred somewhere else. The thing I don’t like about switching therapists is I have to tell my whole story to the new one, and once I get comfortable with her, she’ll probably leave.

As for switching hosts, I’ll be doing that next week, so the site may be down for a bit. They’re just having too many problems and I will be cancelling with the old host. This will be happening on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Irritable and down

Every little thing has been irritating me. A bit of TMI: I start that time of month in a week and all my mental health symptoms get much worse at that time. Still having issues at the new place. What I’m most angry about is this apparent cockroach issue that’s coming from another apartment. Why can’t I just live without all this crap? It’s always something going wrong, I’m just fed up. Not only that, but the move in inspection sheet I was told I had to fill out and return before I was given my mailbox keys seems to have been pointless. Anything that is missing/broken/needs work done on was to be written down on the inspection sheet. It’s been over a week and not one thing on the list has been done. They did do something that wasn’t on the list, the transfer of my screen door and a new lock put on. The door was transferred pretty quickly but the lock took over a week for them to come put on which only took 5 minutes. The other stuff won’t take that long either. Trying to get maintenance to come do anything around here is like pulling teeth. I would think that after everything I’ve been through, they’d be more willing to try to make things better by getting stuff done, but apparently not. The manager “sincerely apologized” for the cockroach issue and said that she didn’t see or hear of any problem. Uh huh. Now I’m locked into a lease here for another year, and who knows for how much longer after that because trying to even get on a housing list is extremely difficult. Housing applications for another city opened up so I applied, but haven’t heard back. I probably wasn’t one of the ones chosen to be placed on the list. So many people need housing, but they don’t have enough vouchers for everyone. I feel bad for complaining about all this, but it’s just so crazy so you can probably imagine how frustrated and angry I am.

On another note, I have closed my other websites and will be switching hosts later this month. I’m not happy with my current host because of downtime and lack of support. The also stopped offering shared and reseller hosting altogether. I’m just going to get a shared hosting plan elsewhere. I’ve been wanting to switch hosts, but didn’t really have the time to deal with that because I was getting ready to move.

New theme

Finally put up a new theme and added/updated widgets. I was really frustrated last night trying to get it up because all my websites suddenly went down and I wasn’t able to. I will probably be switching hosts, but I already paid for this month. With getting ready to move, I don’t really have time to move everything to a different host. I have a lot of cleaning I have to get done before I move. This whole move is really stressing me out, I can’t wait until it’s all over. It’s hard to get things done with illnesses getting in the way.

Really short blog because I don’t have much else to say.

Contest is closed

I’ve decided to close the contest early. With all the court stuff going on, I haven’t had a lot of time to promote it. I also can’t really spend the money right now. I never got any entries so I think it’s ok to close it. After information I received today, I’m going to be very busy this month and possibly the next. If you want to know exactly what has been going on, you’ll have to either register or sign in to view the private entries. I still don’t think it’s a good idea to go public with it. I am, however, still offering hosting.

New project coming soon

I will be working on a new project soon, I haven’t been able to start it yet because my laptop got really messed up and took me about 3 days to fix. I’m still trying to get everything in order. Once it’s finished, I will post the link.

I haven’t received any entries for the contest yet, which is kind of disappointing. Remember that if you want to enter, you have until next Sunday. The reason I couldn’t run this contest for long is because I’m usually low on funds at the end of the month.

I hope everything is ok now

I’ve been going through hell trying to find a decent host. I went with one host who had tons of positive reviews, but everything I was experiencing was negative. I wasn’t aware that my WordPress was using up so many resources, the hosting company kept trying to fix the problems but it just wasn’t happening. My site was just not running. I had to ask for a refund and it took some time to get them to do it. I won’t mention what host it was because I don’t want any backlash, so e-mail me if you want to know.

I found a decent sized reseller for a decent price. Now I have plenty of space, hopefully. I’m also offering free hosting for personal blogs, so if you’re interested, go here for more information.

I want to thank Kya for hosting me as long as she did, and Lisa for donating to help get hosting started.

Last but not least, I am selling the domain hello-kitty.net. If you’re interested, e-mail me.

Lost my friend

My friend got in my face and yelled at me for texting her asking when she’s going to be home while at a friend’s house. All I wanted to do was see if she could hang out. Now she’s being a bitch to me. I don’t need any of this so I blocked her from Facebook and texting me. She spends so much time with her other friends that she forgets about me and it’s not a good feeling. She also makes me come visit her or answer her texts constantly when I don’t want to because I want time to myself (I’m autistic and this is something I need, to be alone). I was also sick of her using me.

I just can’t deal with it anymore and I think it’s time to move on. If she can’t be understanding, then I can’t keep doing this. I’ve always had struggles making and keeping friends because of mental health problems, so maybe it’s for the best. I’m just really angry and hurt. Now I don’t have anybody, which is fine because I can make it on my own.

Un an unrelated note, please consider signing up for an account to read my private posts. I also got a new e-mail address: hellokittyerin@yahoo.com.

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Selling a domain

I’m selling shefallsapart.net (expires 1/16/16/) so I can buy a different domain. It’s registered through GoDaddy. If you’re interested, E-mail me and we can work out a price. I only take PayPal though.

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Just got this

I got the Hello Kitty Dream Diary at Target this morning, and I absolutely love it! It comes with the diary with lock and keys, rubber stamp (which doesn’t work, the ink must be dried out or something), stickers, and a fluffy end pen.


Anyway, I’m looking for new member registrations to view my private posts. Register today, and you can also subscribe to e-mail updates when a new blog is posted. Keep in mind that I have to approve your account before you can log in and use it.

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Finally, a new theme

Just a quick blog. I finally have a new theme up, the other one was up for over a year and I needed a change.

I’m starting to feel a bit better as far as the depression, but only a little bit. That’s something though.

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Switched hosts

I want to thank the lovely Kya for hosting me at Giraffe Host. I appreciate the effort she put in to switch me over from my old host.

Anyway, I put up all my Christmas decorations yesterday, here is my little Christmas tree:


I think it turned out okay. I had such a hard time getting the lights in the window that when moving my bookshelf it collapsed. It had to go in the garbage. It was one of those cheap flimsy ones that aren’t real wood.

I wasn’t going to decorate this year because it’s so much work, but I got bored. :))

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Can’t think of a title

I tried switching hosts again and surprise, surprise, my site wouldn’t work. It just doesn’t make any sense to me why it won’t work with other hosts. Support was too slow and I couldn’t get my site fixed so I canceled. It was a good deal, $25 (with coupon) for a year of hosting. I wanted to save money because my current host charges too much for a yearly pan so I pay monthly. Cheaper isn’t always better I guess. I have noticed my site has been a little slow lately, not sure what’s going on. Probably because I have too many plugins running. :))

I’ve been going through a tough depression, things going on in my life have me stressed out and I’m just overwhelmed and want to stay in bed. I have to go in to the doctor’s office on Monday for an annual assessment to check my progress. There has been none, in fact, I’ve gotten worse. The nurse said she will see if the doctor can squeeze me in so I can discuss this and medications. I doubt it will happen since he is constantly booked. I think I’ll mention to the nurse that I don’t like the new policy of not being able to schedule appointments when I need to, not that it’ll do any good. Phoenix is a large city so they wanted to cut down the amount of appointments because the doctor was seeing so many patients he couldn’t keep track of all their health concerns. I wish I could go somewhere else, but this is the only place that will take my lousy insurance. I just wish they never did this change, I was able to see my psychiatrist whenever I needed to, now you have to call pretty much every day to see if he has an opening because they won’t schedule out farther than 1-2 days now. :-< [custom_field field=”mood” post_id=”2025″ limit=”0″ before=”Mood: ” after=”” between=”, ” /]
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Fixed the member registration issue

You can now register and receive your password e-mails to log in. I’ve also deleted users who were not active, so if you want to be a member you’ll have to register again. Being a member allows you to see my private entries that I post occasionally that I don’t want to be public.

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Just a quick entry

I’m finally feeling better, so that’s good. I’m going to be seeing Whitechapel on Thursday so I’m looking forward to that. I need to go out and have some fun and not stress about everything going on in my life.

I removed the member registration thing, it wasn’t sending out registration e-mails and people wouldn’t use it anyway.

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Ordered a new top

I found this top at Hot Topic that I absolutely love:


I can’t wait until it arrives! I know fall is here but I also bought a long sleeve top to go over it and my other sleeveless tops.

And some site updates, I added buttons in the domain section to link back to me (if you want to of course). I also added a new anti-spam plugin since the captchas weren’t keeping the spammers away, so you shouldn’t need to enter a captcha when you comment anymore. I’m also looking for people to exchange links with (personal blogs only). If I link you on my blogroll I’d hope you do the same (that’s the whole point of a link exchange, right?). If you’re not already on the blogroll and want to exchange links, go contact me.

How are you spending the 3 day weekend (Monday is Columbus day in the US)?
Have you bought anything new lately?

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