Update on ceiling

The maintenance guy came today to finish the drywall, and it looks bad. He also didn’t fix my faucet right. So I went to the assistant manager and complained. The head of maintenance came over and fixed the faucet properly and took pictures of the bad drywall job. To top it all off he used the wrong color paint. Head of maintenance said he’s going to redo it all next week himself and even took pictures. That one maintenance guy does crappy work and if he’s not careful he’s going to get fired. I’m not happy with it and all the inconvenience it has caused me.

At least if the guy in charge does it, it’ll be done right this time. Hopefully.

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More maintenance problems

Ever since I moved in here, I’ve been having nothing but problems with leaks, things not working, etc. This time I had another leak, in the bathroom ceiling. Maintenance came yesterday to cut a hole in the ceiling to see where the leak was coming from. They checked upstairs and found nothing. The leak appears to have stopped. They said they’d be back on Monday to check on it (they never show up when they say they’re going to). So I have to have them come over and look at it, then I’m going to need the drywall repaired (which takes forever, because I have to make several complaints for them to fix the whole thing properly). I have OCD and it’s bothering me. :angry:


Here’s a picture of the hole. I hope since they have new staff they can get this fixed properly and in a timely manner.

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I really got myself into a big mess

Yesterday I was arguing on the phone with a collection agency and they were not listening. I told them I could not afford to pay the debt and that I’m judgment proof. There was no mention about the judgement they said they were going to send me so that had to be a lie.

Then I overdrew on my bank account several times resulting in a ton of overdraft fees and money I had to pay back that I didn’t have. My mom gave me money so I’m hoping it will cover it, if not, I’m in trouble. Oh boy. :cry:

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Oh no

I got a letter yesterday from a collections agency totaling $3885. I can’t pay that! I’m so scared they’re going to sue me though. I also got a letter from another credit card company demanding payment that I can’t pay. Why oh why did I get myself into this big mess? I confess I’m a shopaholic.

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So stressed

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Random things

I finally got my shoes! Took USPS long enough to fix the error in my ZIP code.


I wanted something black and simple to better go with my outfits, I like them.

I was surprised to call this morning to get a doctor appointment on Monday, usually because of their policy they will only schedule for 24-48 hours. I did fill out a complaint form their website and mailed it to the main office so maybe that helped.

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I guess I’m not getting my shoes

An update to this post, two people I’ve spoken with at USPS have lied to me. One said it would be shipped back to the company, another said they’d get the package to me. The package has been going back and forth from West Sacramento to Vallecito California since last week. I wonder how long they’re going to do this. It would be nice to get my order.

Remember, always make sure your ZIP code is correct when ordering online.

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Went to the doctor this morning

Edit: I spoke with the pharmacy manager and apparently by doctor called the wrong pharmacy, but he was able to fill it thankfully.

In my last entry, I mentioned I was going to go to the doctor to see about the lump I found in my breast. The doctor said she’s confident that it’s a cyst, but wants me to get a mammogram anyway. I’m kind of worried about it because I heard those hurt, but I have to get it done.

I’m really not liking the mental health care I’m receiving. They have a new policy now where you can’t just make an appointment with the psychiatrist, you have to call pretty much every day until they have an opening. They open at 8 AM weekdays and my psychiatrist is booked by 8:10. That’s crazy. Tonight they called me about 5 minutes before closing to tell me that they forgot to refill one of my prescriptions. I’ve been without this medication because I thought the doctor was taking me off of it because of it’s high abuse rate. I was told this wasn’t the case and that the medication would be called in. The pharmacy never received it, so I’m not happy that I have to wait until Monday to call the doctor’s office about it. I haven’t slept in I don’t know how long, probably because I’ve been without my medication for almost two weeks. I wish I could go somewhere else, but my insurance won’t cover any place else. It’s so frustrating dealing with this place. ~x(

Sick again and more drama

I’m sick yet again with what I think is a stomach bug. I don’t know why I keep getting sick. Hopefully it won’t last long.

There’s more drama between those two ladies and I again. I got a letter from my friend saying I’m accusing her of things and she doesn’t like being called a liar. I never called her a liar. The other lady keeps making up stuff to get me into trouble, and now my friend is starting to see that. You have to watch everything you say or do or the other lady will report you to the office. My friend and I think it’s her who ratted out one of the neighbors who got two new dogs and a boyfriend moved in without permission from the manager. This is just getting so ridiculous, a 62 year old starting all this drama like it’s high school. I’m so over this crap, seriously. Maybe I should start just keeping to myself. Everything was fine until that old drama queen moved in.

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I need to vent

I use this blog sometimes as kind of therapy because it helps me to write things down that are bothering me. First of all, I’m worried about the rent increase because I don’t want to move and can’t find anything cheaper with square footage being similar to this place. Very few have all utilities included like this place. Second, my mental and physical health has been poor, the doctor keeps saying “we’ll get you feeling better soon” every time he sees me. I’ve been having problems since I was 3 so it’s unlikely my mental health will improve. Then there are bills I can’t pay and I have to worry about collection agencies and potential lawsuits. I’m also still in love with my ex which is really hard. This has not been a good year for me, it seems everything is going downhill and getting worse. I’ve just been trying to take it day by day, but my OCD thinking gets the best of me.

I’m going to keep praying that things will get better. [-O< [custom_field field=”mood” post_id=”2003″ limit=”0″ before=”Mood: ” after=”” between=”, ” /]
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So much for seeing Skrillex

I got to the venue and there was absolutely no parking. I had to turn around and go home. The whole place was so confusing I couldn’t find anything, so many buildings. A venue like that should have a parking garage, not a few little lots. I’m so disappointed, I really wanted to see him. Plus I’m now out $46 for the ticket which is non-refundable. I got there early and everything. Really big bummer. :-< Maybe next time he comes he'll come to a different venue? Kind of doubtful though. [custom_field field=”mood” post_id=”1963″ limit=”0″ before=”Mood: ” after=”” between=”, ” /]
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I talked to my friend (briefly)

I want to expand a little bit on this post. I talked to my friend a little bit and she said our friendship has indeed changed. She claims that I always don’t feel well or am having trouble with my mental illnesses (which is true, I guess). It almost feels like she doesn’t want to be around me because I’m mentally ill. Sorry, I’ve been that way since I was a kid, there’s nothing I can do about it, I’m in treatment, I’m doing the best I can. Seems like people are more understanding of a physical disability rather than a mental one. :-< One good thing is I got out of jury duty because of my illnesses with a doctor's note. This is the second time I've been summoned. I'm going to be going through a legal battle (that's all I will disclose here) and the stress of that has not made things any easier on me. I have asked her to watch a movie but she's always busy with her boyfriend so it never seems to be a good time. I don't know, I wish she was a bit more understanding and less into her new friend. I'm always feeling left out when I sit outside with them and it's not a good feeling. I wish that other lady would just (excuse my language) fuck off so things could go back to the way they were, but that's not going to happen. Her and her boyfriend have been going back and forth talking about moving, a part of me wishes they would. [custom_field field=”mood” post_id=”1921″ limit=”0″ before=”Mood: ” after=”” between=”, ” /]
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I just don’t know

Lately I’ve been feeling like the new neighbor lady has ruined mine and my friend’s friendship. I noticed my friend will talk more and pay more attention to her than me, even though we’ve been friends for over a year and the new lady has only been here a few months. I don’t really like her, she seems to know everything about everyone around here for only living here for a few months. She knows things like who is late on their rent, who is renewing or not renewing their lease, etc. She acts like she owns the place. I’ve been here 3 years and I don’t act like that. She’s one of those. Both my friend and I have been warned about her. I know that if I say anything about my friend to her she’ll run and tell her everything I said, even things I didn’t say. It’s like she wants to get my friend and I to fight on purpose. I wish she never moved in, honestly. She sometimes acts like she’s my mother and can tell me what to do because she’s older.

Apartment living I guess, sometimes you get wackos who move in.

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Higher rent

I learned yesterday that my apartment complex would be raising rent by $100. Good thing I have until May or June when my lease runs out so I don’t have to pay it until then. The reason for this increase? The owner wants more money to buy more properties. They got rid of discounts, and the night monitor to cut costs. I wish he would think of the residents rather than just himself. These places are old, run down, and tiny. They are not worth what they’re asking for at all. I have looked around and there’s nothing cheaper with utilities included (they’re all included here). It’s too expensive to pay utilities when the air conditioning pretty much has to run most of the year because it’s so hot. I’m just not happy about this because I really can’t afford it, but I need a place to live.

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Feeling a little better

I’m feeling a little better physically, but am not 100% yet. I went to my psychiatrist yesterday morning and was prescribed a new anti-depressant that also helps insomnia. So far it’s been making me really tired. I’m hoping it’ll make me feel better mood-wise because I’ve been feeling really low. I’m seeing Porter Robinson on the 10th so that will cheer me up. For those who don’t know who he is, he’s an electronic music producer.

I wish I knew what to do about the awful noise from my upstairs neighbors. They make very loud banging noises throughout the night and keep me awake. I’ve complained before and they’re still being noisy. It literally sounds like they’re going to come through my ceiling. They do seem mostly quiet tonight so far, maybe because yesterday was a holiday they were noisy because of that. I don’t know, it seems this place has really gotten noisy the past year. I do wish I asked for an upstairs apartment before I moved in here. I guess that’s just apartment living and I have to live with it. It’s strange though, other apartments I lived in there was no noise above me, I couldn’t hear anyone else. I’ve thought about moving, but there’s nothing as affordable as it is here. I don’t have to pay utilities.

My friends and I are also having problems with a neighbor, she’s being (for lack of a better word), a bitch. She complains about us sitting outside smoking and has reported us to the office. The office says we are allowed to sit out there as long as we aren’t being too noisy. It’s like she’s been finding any little thing to complain about to try to get us into trouble. We never say anything when she lets her kids run around here screaming their heads off. It’s not the smoking she’s complaining about (she smokes herself), it’s the YouTube videos we watch, they’re apparently “too loud”. In all honesty they aren’t, and it’s not like we are out there late at night, this is during the day or early evening. I don’t know what her problem is, but this is just a recent thing she’s been doing. She needs to mind her own business.

Well, that’s it for now, I’m going back to sleep. :-h

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It’s too hot for this

I live in a really old apartment complex without central air, but chillers. The chillers have been going down all evening and it’s been really hot in my apartment. It was fixed for a short period of time until the electricity went out and it shut down again. Nobody has been by to fix it again. I think they need to hire professionals to come look at it. It’s been getting up to 112 during the day and that’s too hot to be without air conditioning. This place has really gone downhill.

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Stressed out

I’m so stressed out about these roach infestation problems because of my neighbors (as previously mentioned in an earlier entry). I went back down to the office today because I saw another one and had a talk with one of the staff. She said they will be coming back on Monday to do a more thorough extermination which means a lot of work for me. I have to remove everything from the kitchen including everything in the cupboards, closet, and move my furniture. After this is done, I have to stay out of my apartment for 3 hours. The lady in the office reserved the clubhouse (a place where residents can reserve for parties or whatever that has cable, a kitchen, and all that good stuff) so I can stay there during that time. It’s going to be so much work getting all my stuff (which is a lot) and moving it all out, but I want to get rid of these pesky things. They’re also going to do this to the upstairs apartment which is where they’re coming from. I’m just completely frustrated and disgusted about all of this. #-o

On top of all that, the police, fire trucks, and ambulance were here today because apparently a couple was fighting and the guy lit the apartment on fire and the woman jumped off a two story balcony breaking her ankle severely. Things are really going down the toilet here, it’s making me regret renewing my lease last month.

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Back on an anti-depressant

Since my insurance won’t cover what the doctor prescribed me, I’m back on Prozac. This whole mess with my ex has made me really depressed. I decided I can’t be friends with her even though I tried. My mental health is more important and she’s going to have to understand that. I need to move on with my life, how am I going to do that with her around me all the time? I know I keep going on and on about this but it’s really messing me up.

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