Happy 2019?

I fell behind on blogging again because I got hit with bad depression. I’m still dealing with it (and probably always will). I’m still in therapy and will be seeing my doctor soon. I also had someone else come over and help but I don’t know how that’s going to work out yet because I just met him. The weather has also had some effect. Even though it doesn’t snow here, it got pretty cold for awhile and was raining a lot. It’s warmer now but I prefer summer even thought it gets so hot.

My holidays were uneventful as they usually are. That’s about the time when this depression hit, around Thanksgiving. I’m feeling a bit better today, probably because I got a decent amount of sleep last night and I’ve only been sleeping a few hours a night for a while. I’m also trying to get back to updating my social media again. I’m taking it day by day I guess.

I just wanted to post a quick update since it’s been so long.

Mental health update

I know I just blogged, but I wanted to post an update on how my mental health has been lately. I’m currently going through the most stressful time in my life right now, and I think I’m handling it pretty well aside from occasional snappiness at people. I do admit that most days I want to just scream, but I think that’s normal for what I’m dealing with. I think the medications I’m on are working really well (for now). I’m on 300mg of Seroquel, and 20mg of Viibryd. I am experiencing some stomach issues that could be related to the Viibryd (that’s common) but it could also be the stress. I’ve also been walking every day and am taking multivitamins. I think those have really helped with the depression because I don’t think I’m really that depressed. If someone asked me if I was depressed, I’d answer “I don’t know”. Maybe that’s a good thing. Awhile ago I was so depressed that I couldn’t even shower or do anything. I’m back into a routine now, so that obviously is an improvement. I just wish the circumstances were different concerning the ongoing legal stuff and apartment stuff.