I don’t know what to think of this

I got a message on Facebook tonight from my ex boyfriend apologizing for everything after we haven’t spoken for a year. I don’t know why he would wait a whole year to do that. He said in his message that sending a friend request wouldn’t be a good idea so I ended up blocking him because I think it’s best we don’t talk anymore. A part of me still isn’t over him and talking to him would make things worse.

He was never understanding of my mental illnesses and things I couldn’t help and got really angry at me and told me to never contact him again, but here he is contacting me. I need a guy (or girl, I just came out as bisexual :-h) who is patient and understanding and won’t judge me for my illnesses. We had other issues too, the main one being communication and other things. I just wanted to move on but he had to stir up old feelings for me. :-(

Will the right guy ever come along?

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. It seems to be difficult to find the right guy. I don’t hate being single, but it would be nice to find someone. I got asked out tonight, which felt nice, but he’s not the right guy (he’s a cheater). I always seem to attract the wrong guys. This other guy seemed really interested in me and would text me a lot, but he’s not a guy I’d consider dating because he’s a pervy douche. I’m looking for a kind of shy guy who’s understanding and an all around good guy. I’m not getting any younger, so I’m getting a bit impatient with finding someone. I’m hoping someday the right guy will come along, but I don’t know when.

I should have seen this coming

I met a guy online and thought we hit it off, and set up to meet next weekend. Today I get a text message from him bailing on me. I feel kind of mad for being led on for so long, he said we can be just friends (they always say that) but I was hoping it would lead to more. I deserve better. I’ve never had any good luck with guys. I hope someday I can find a guy who won’t bail on me and be honest with me.