Ordered a new top

I found this top at Hot Topic that I absolutely love:


I can’t wait until it arrives! I know fall is here but I also bought a long sleeve top to go over it and my other sleeveless tops.

And some site updates, I added buttons in the domain section to link back to me (if you want to of course). I also added a new anti-spam plugin since the captchas weren’t keeping the spammers away, so you shouldn’t need to enter a captcha when you comment anymore. I’m also looking for people to exchange links with (personal blogs only). If I link you on my blogroll I’d hope you do the same (that’s the whole point of a link exchange, right?). If you’re not already on the blogroll and want to exchange links, go contact me.

How are you spending the 3 day weekend (Monday is Columbus day in the US)?
Have you bought anything new lately?

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