Making money online

There are many ways you can make money online. A lot of things really didn’t make me any money, or they didn’t work out for me for one reason or another.

These are the websites where I have actually made money and got paid:
With this site your blog has to be approved first, they don’t accept every blog application, though. If you are approved, you will receive assignments for your blog and social network profiles (you have to provide these). It’s easy to do and doesn’t take much time. They pay once a month via PayPal.
This is a paid survey site. I don’t really use it anymore because of how time-consuming it is. Each survey is either worth sweepstakes entries or points. You won’t qualify for every survey. A lot of the surveys are long and since you may not qualify for a lot of them, it can take a long time to earn enough points to redeem for cash or other rewards.
I recently started with this survey site. It took me about a week to earn 100 points for PayPal cash. The amount of time it takes to earn enough points depends on how many surveys you qualify for. You can also turn your points into gift cards.
For this one, you need to use the mobile app to take surveys. It took me a long time to earn enough money for the minimum $10 payout. They also sometimes need to review your answers before rewarding you and that can take a few days. Even if I didn’t qualify for a survey I was still rewarded.
This is a popular and well-known site to sell things for extra cash. I’ve made a decent amount of money selling things I no longer use.
Another popular site to sell things you yourself have made. They allow you to sell digital items as well. I’ve made a little bit of money selling graphic designs.

Google AdSense
I used to place these ads on some of my sites years ago. It took quite awhile to earn the $100 that was required to request payment. You may not make much doing this unless you have a high traffic website. It’s also important to consider that a lot of people have ad blockers on their browsers these days and they won’t see the ads. These are the reasons why I no longer participate in this program.