Saw War of Ages Monday

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a show. The reason why I haven’t been going is that I lost my car and license due to my arrest in 2015. It’s much harder to get around these days and Lyft/Uber can get expensive. A lot of bands play at a venue that is about half an hour away from me, but this place was closer. It’s a new bar/music venue. When I went in, my anxiety was kicking into overdrive so much that I was really shaky. I was checking out the shirts at the merch table and wanted to buy one. I talked to Leroy (the vocalist) briefly and was surprised he remembered me because this band is from my hometown. After that, I ordered a couple of drinks to calm my anxiety a bit. I was sitting at a table by the bar alone and it felt kind of awkward. Some people talked to me but not a lot. I’ve always been somewhat of a loner.

After the other bands were done playing and War of Ages came on, it felt so good to be back at one of their shows because they’re always a good time. I was standing right up by the stage and was so close I thought I was going to get hit in the head with a microphone or a guitar. For the last song, everyone was going crazy and I was pushed and fell onto the stage. Some nice people helped me up. They were great as they always are, I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve seen them. Falling on the stage ended up hurting my ankle a bit and it’s still sore.

After the show, the band was hanging out at the merch table talking to people. I worked up the courage to approach them and talk a little and asked for a picture (sorry about how awful I look, I was really sweaty and tired).

It was a great night.



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  1. I stopped going out to see bands and to bars/music venues a long time ago because of anxiety and hating crowds or just feeling uncomfortable. My husbands tried a few times to get me to go but I’m scared of panicing. Hopefully you’ll get to see more :)
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