Having the worst luck lately

I went to the dentist again and needed a filling in another tooth. At least it wasn’t another infection. I go back again in the middle of June to have the crown put on the tooth that I had the root canal on.

I’ve been feeling sick for the past month or so and didn’t know why. I made several trips to the doctor for ear pain and gynecological issues. My ear was infected at one point so I was prescribed antibiotics and ear drops, and well as stuff for other infections. My ear looked better after the treatment but I was still in a lot of pain. I finally found out why last Monday. I had an abscessed tooth that was causing the ear pain and headaches, as well as chills and fever. The dentist tried to finish the root canal but couldn’t. I would have to see an endodontist. I went to the endodontist today and he found that my general dentist left a piece of an instrument inside one of the canals and it was hard to remove. They charged a lot for it. I wouldn’t think she’d leave a piece of an instrument in a canal on purpose. I have to go back to my general dentist for a crown and something might be wrong in another tooth. It’s always something. The problem is, I had horrible dental work done in my hometown that ruined my mouth. I don’t know why the problems under these old silver fillings aren’t being detected on x-rays.

There have also been things going on around here. First, the air conditioning unit died when it was hot, now there’s something wrong with the washing machine. Since the machines are still under warranty, the GE repair person came out and didn’t find anything. The washer has been making insanely loud noises. And of course, when he was here it wasn’t making the noises. So the next time I did laundry I recorded the machine so they can see what it’s actually doing. I’m not as worried about that as I am about the dental problems though.



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3 comments on “Having the worst luck lately

  1. Oh dear. I hate dental issues and always scared of visiting dentist. It seriously sucks and I hope it will get better for you soon. It’s quite unprofessional for the dentist to leave something on your teeth and not take it out. I mean… How can he just forget all about it? :(

  2. Gosh, I’m sorry to hear you had so much trouble with your teeth! Is it all sorted now? It’s amazing how unwell tooth problems can make you feel – hopefully you’re feeling a bit better now!

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