I seem to be having a lot of delivery issues

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with a certain package delivery service (you may be able to guess which one). I had 2 packages coming from this service. The first one wasn’t delivered until 8:30 at night which was really inconvenient for me. I didn’t think it was even going to show up. It was a patio furniture set that was in a huge box and was heavy. One small piece broke but I was able to superglue it back on so it wasn’t noticeable.

The worst experience was with the second package tonight. The tracking showed it was delivered but there was no knock on the door and no package outside. I had to contact customer service to see what was going on and was told I’d hear from someone within an hour. The driver called me and said he took it to the wrong apartment because he said it looked similar to a different letter. Customer service then called and said the driver should be back to knock on that person’s door to retrieve the package. The driver said I had to knock on this person’s door. I did, and a nice lady answered and was understanding of the situation. I’m lucky she was honest about it and gave it to me. The customer service lady was not at all happy about this. She said he should have been the one to come back to knock on the door, not me. She also said she’d be taking this up with his supervisor because this was ridiculous. He wasn’t even very apologetic about it. She said misdeliveries happen but I shouldn’t have had to be the one to go all the way to that person’s apartment to get it. Whenever I order something, if this delivery service is used I will have to try to avoid it.



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3 comments on “I seem to be having a lot of delivery issues

  1. What delivery service was it? FedEx? UPS? I want to know before using it in the future. I live in an apartment building which management usually signs for packages and I have to get them from the office.

  2. My friend’s been having a lot of issues with Amazon Delivery (or whatever they’re called) that started up in certain cities. They would just… literally not receive packages over and over again, but they don’t have the option of picking other options when ordering from Amazon. Thankfully delivery here has been ok so far, but I’ve definitely had my share of ???? moments. While I understand shipping companies keep a pretty tight leash on their drivers and require them to fulfill quotas or they get deductions/fired from what I hear, it really shouldn’t be at their core service’s quality’s expense… :/ Hope they got that sorted out on the corporate side! Most of us don’t have time to be running around to neighbors retrieving stuff in the middle of the night!

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