Went to go look at a couple apartment places

The first place we went to looked pretty nice but the manager wasn’t in and there wasn’t a vacant apartment available to look at so the lady gave us a paper with prices and everything. The second place was pretty small but the office was closed (12:30 is kinda early to be closed) but there were papers outside the door for people to take with prices. I told my mental health worker that we should have called ahead, but she said she’d do that for next time. Obviously, without looking at actual apartments I don’t know which one I’d want to move to. I like the location of the second place because it’s near downtown but it’s more expensive. I still have time yet to find something.

I hate how the cable company has a monopoly in this area. They’re raising my internet bill because the promotion I signed up with has ended. They added a new promotion but I’m still going to be paying over $20/month more. It looks like the only other option is DSL and I don’t really want that. They already made enough people mad for doing data caps on internet and they’re raising prices. They know they can get away with it because there aren’t really any other options.



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