Went to go look at a couple apartment places

The first place we went to looked pretty nice but the manager wasn’t in and there wasn’t a vacant apartment available to look at so the lady gave us a paper with prices and everything. The second place was pretty small but the office was closed (12:30 is kinda early to be closed) but there were papers outside the door for people to take with prices. I told my mental health worker that we should have called ahead, but she said she’d do that for next time. Obviously, without looking at actual apartments I don’t know which one I’d want to move to. I like the location of the second place because it’s near downtown but it’s more expensive. I still have time yet to find something.

I hate how the cable company has a monopoly in this area. They’re raising my internet bill because the promotion I signed up with has ended. They added a new promotion but I’m still going to be paying over $20/month more. It looks like the only other option is DSL and I don’t really want that. They already made enough people mad for doing data caps on internet and they’re raising prices. They know they can get away with it because there aren’t really any other options.

Seems like nobody is reliable anymore

Therapy has been going ok, but trying to get my other worker to do what she’s supposed to is really difficult. She’s supposed to be helping me find an apartment because I’m having a hard time doing it myself. The first time she was supposed to take me she said something was wrong with her laptop and the car didn’t get reserved. The second time I tried to call her and got a message that I was blocked. She called me from her personal phone to tell me that her work phone and laptop were stolen out of her car and she should have new ones soon. Why would you keep electronics in a car to begin with? Today she completely blew me off and didn’t show up and didn’t call. I understand that things happen but this is the third time I’ve been canceled on. I may have to contact the person in charge of the program and request someone else because nothing is getting accomplished here. I’m just getting really irritated.

I also missed my psychiatrist appointment because my case manager was out for a week. I wish I never got arrested and lost my car and license because what a pain it is to get anywhere and get anything done. :grr:

Met the new therapist

I met with my new therapist today, he seems nice. Hopefully, he will be better than the last one. The last one kept making inappropriate comments that made me feel uneasy and I had to stop going. What’s even better is that he comes to my apartment instead of me having to run to an office. Today was just going over goals and updating my service plan. He said he wants to meet with me once a week which is great. The other places I have gone were only able to offer me a half hour of therapy once a month because of their caseload. I also have someone else helping me find another apartment. We found a couple of places to go look at. I’ve looked up a lot of places online and she has too. The reviews are pretty bad but I guess I’ll have to go see for myself.

AOL announced that they would be discontinuing AIM. I remember using AIM to keep in contact with classmates, friends, people from other countries. I would use song lyrics for away messages and tried to have the coolest buddy icon and profile. I had AOL dial-up before that and so did everyone else at school. There weren’t any social media at that time so everyone tried to have the coolest screen name and profile with different colors and styles. The chat rooms were entertaining too. I would get instant messages from guys asking ASL or if I wanted to cyber. Those were the days. :D