Fidget spinners

Is anyone else on the spectrum annoyed about this fidget toy trend? I don’t even own one myself. Something that’s used to help people with autism, anxiety, ADHD, etc. is now some huge fad. I saw this article and would have to agree.

“Mum, it’s like everyone wants to be autistic like me now!” my 8-year-old daughter announced as she came out of school on Monday.

She was referring to the latest “craze” for the fidget spinner in her school (and it seems every other school in the country). Suddenly it was “cool” to want to fidget, and if you didn’t have the must-have fidget toy, you were somehow the odd one out.

It did somewhat amuse me to think that after an entire month of autism awareness all it actually took to make autism “cool” was a little handheld plastic and metal spinner!

I was considering a fidget cube awhile back, but never actually got one. I don’t exactly want to jump on this trend now.



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3 comments on “Fidget spinners

  1. Yeah, it’s bugging me. Both of my children have a fidget spinner and a fidget cube, but go figure, it’s the neuro-typical child, and not the autistic one, who makes more use of them! I’m just happy to have another tool in the “inventory” to distract him from his PICA compulsions – because as far as I know, he won’t be able to eat a fidget spinner.
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  2. Oh, my gosh! I blogged about this! I compared them to the latest “Quiet Hands”, though:

    I have a lot of friends who became teachers and are on my Facebook friends list, and they’re all whining left and right about fidget spinners this and that, and how “no one should have them, because they’re just excuses. :|

    I did see the fidget cube during its early Kickstarter phase. I wanted one, but…ugh. Now that it’s a trend, I don’t want to feed into it…it might be a pride thing? I’m not completely sure.
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