Allergy mystery still unsolved

This allergic reaction is still going on, despite stopping a certain medication that may have been the cause. It may take awhile for it to leave my system. The doctor prescribed another round of steroids. She keeps saying it’s something I’m eating or using. I’ve only ever had allergic reactions to medications, nothing else. I know exactly what I’m eating and using and was eating and using these things with no problems a month ago but she won’t listen to me. She’s going to have to refer me to someone who can help me with finding the cause if it isn’t that medication. I need to allow some more time to see if it clears up and stay off that medication permanently. It’s just really frustrating because being red and itchy is not fun.

As far as therapy goes, I’ve decided not to do it at this time. I was really put off by the last therapist’s behavior, and I can’t seem to find another one I connect with. Honestly, I’ve only had 2 good therapists. The only reason why I’m not seeing them anymore is because they left to take a job elsewhere. I also want to cut back on appointments since the transportation services are a nightmare half the time. Last week I had a doctor appointment and was left stuck outside after they closed waiting for someone to show up for an hour and a half. When I complain, all I get is a half-assed apology. If only I had the money to reinstate my license and get a car.



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  1. I am so sorry that you haven’t discovered the cause of your allergies. It takes a lot of time to find out the case. Just be patient even if it not fun.

    I know how hard it is to find a new therapist. I was lucky enough to find a therapist that I loved from the first shot. But it was recommended to me by a friend. She is truly amazing and the is very patient with me. I love her. She managed to transform my life in so many ways. I wish you luck in finding a great theraphist and I hope it will happen soon <3. Take care <3
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