Renewed my domain

The control panel was showing it didn’t expire until 2018, but that wasn’t accurate. It was actually going to expire April of this year. Customer service was really confused about it, but one person said I was right after they checked other things. Even Whois shows it expired in 2017. I didn’t want it to expire and risk losing it so I renewed.

I finally did find a new doctor, but it took a lot of phone calls. I will start seeing the new doctor on the 21st. I had other appointments scheduled or I would have made it sooner. The doctor I was seeing for 4 years didn’t take my new insurance and she wasn’t very good anyway. I last saw her in December and she ignored a lot of my concerns. Some of the health problems I’m having could be serious so I wasn’t happy about that. I really hope the new doctor will check these problems out.

My apartment complex is having an exterminator fog every single apartment for roaches. This place has had a lot of pest problems for decades so they’re finally doing something about it. Unfortunately, this requires a large amount of prep work (closets and cupboards have to be completely empty, nothing can be on countertops, all furniture has to be moved away from walls). I also have to stay out of my apartment for at least 3 hours after they’re done. I was just notified as of yesterday that it all has to be done by Thursday. I have a lot to do in a short amount of time. This is all going to be very difficult because of how small the place is, there’s not much room to put things. As much as I don’t want to do this, I have to or I’ll be fined $150 and will get an eviction notice. It’s not easy to do all this with fatigue and pain. I just have to keep working at it one room at a time. I may even have to miss another appointment on Tuesday, I may not have time to go because there’s so much to do. It’s just stressful.



I'm Erin, a 33 year old childfree woman with Asperger's living in Arizona. I am a disability and LGBT rights advocate. I enjoy blogging, movies, reading, journal writing, vaping, Android, The X-Files, metal, 80's and electronic music, cute things, pink, social networks, Hello Kitty, and Tweety.

3 comments on “Renewed my domain

  1. Erin, do you have a friend living close by who can help you with moving stuff from the apartment? :( Doing that alone sounds very overwhelming, especially given your condition.

    As for the doctor, it’s probably better like that if she wasn’t going to listen to your problems in the first place. Hope the new doc will be able to help you effectively. ^_^

    Cheering for you, dear!


    1. No, I don’t know anyone who can help. Nothing has to be moved out of the apartment, just around it. I’m pretty much a loner so I have to do things like this myself.

      1. Ah, I just reread that bit. Sorry, I misread the moving part. ^^ Moving things *out* would have probably been too much for one person to do, but glad that’s not the case.


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