The doctor wasn’t much help

I saw the doctor yesterday, and I felt like I wasted most of my day. It took awhile for me to be seen. I told her about the pain in my ear, stomach, and back. She looked in my ear and said there’s really nothing wrong and it’s probably a dental issue. She dismissed my back and stomach pain. I made an appointment with the dentist, I’m worried because I don’t have insurance and will need help from family for the costs. It’s like the dentist’s office didn’t believe me either. I guess because I have mental illnesses, people don’t take me seriously. My doctor prescribed me an anti-nausea medication which isn’t really helping. I feel like crap. I have a therapy appointment tomorrow that I really don’t want to cancel because I’ve been waiting for over a month to see him. My psychiatrist said I should have my back x-rayed, but my regular doctor doesn’t seem concerned at all with it. The next time I see him I’ll have to tell him that. I may have to start looking for a new doctor, but I’m afraid the same thing will happen (them not believing me about the pain). At least at the dentist, if they find something it’ll get taken care of.



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2 comments on “The doctor wasn’t much help

  1. I just want to say I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not being taken seriously or you’re being dismissed altogether. Via my brothers’ experiences it does indeed seem as though if you have a mental illness, that’s to blame for everything, including actual physical ailments. In a similar vein, having chronic pain (as I do) means you’re just a drug-seeker. Sigh. I do hope you’re able to get some help! Pain = something wrong.

    1. Her office seemed much busier than normal, probably because a lot of people are sick right now. When I went in for my physical early this year, she spent a lot of time with me. At that time I was the only one there. Maybe I should wait until after the holidays and go in and bring up x-rays. If at that time she doesn’t say anything, then I should probably find a new doctor. I’ve been going to her for 4 years and this seems to be the first time this has happened.

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