Some bad news

Today I found out from my case manager that my housing assistance fell through. The place that was offering it changed their criteria and I no longer meet it so I was taken off the list. Basically they are now only concerned with providing housing for people who are homeless. She did tell me that the city of Phoenix is opening up their wait list for the first time in 11 years and it would be in my best interest to apply. That could really be my only option. She said someone at the clinic will be coming in in September to help all the people who got kicked off the housing wait list to help them find other options. If I end up getting the housing in Phoenix, I’ll have to move there. I’m in a different city, so I will probably only be able to stay here (but in the new apartment) for another year and I’ll have to relocate.

I was also told by the apartment manager that the apartment I was going to be moving into was completely destroyed by the previous tenants and that there is no way it would be ready by the 15th. I will be moving to a different one. This one is all ready to move into, I already looked at it today. There are just a few things that were missed that need to be fixed. I also found out that I have to have another bed bug treatment on Monday. I have to make sure everything is ready for that. I’m really not crazy about the particular building I’m moving to, but it’s my only option unless I want to wait longer.



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