It’s been a year

I know I just blogged, but I thought this was an important thing to write about (for me). It’s officially been a year since my arrest. It happened one year ago today. For the backstory on everything that happened, go here.

I was discussing this with my therapist yesterday, and I told her that the whole ordeal haunts me to this day. She told me I can’t keep focusing on the past and there’s nothing I can do to change it. Yes, that’s true, but that had to be one of the absolute worst days of my life. It’s hard not to think about it. My mom told me I shouldn’t even be worried about it. My issue with it is the fact that it will show up when someone does a background check. This could make certain things difficult, like getting another apartment. A landlord might see the charge and not allow me to move there. It won’t affect me moving to the new apartment here, but I don’t plan on staying in this particular complex longer than a year.

Anyway, I at least learned my lesson and haven’t gotten in trouble again so that’s a positive side to it.



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  1. I read your whole old blog post, don’t let that shit get you down. I was arrested almost exactly a month after you were, the day before labor day last year. It’s almost been a year for me too, but unlike you my charge was BS and based on a lie. I still was in there for a night and the charges were dropped, like I said it was BS. Anyhow, don’t let your past define your future.

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