Really upset

I just had to throw out all my Christmas decorations because it was all destroyed by the rats. Some of that stuff was sentimental and can’t be replaced. There has also been damage to furniture and cords to electronics. The apartment manager says they are not responsible for any of the damage. How are they not responsible? They failed to hire a decent exterminator to take care of the problem, so I’m having to move to get away from these rats. It’s their building, not mine. Renter’s insurance also doesn’t cover damage by rodents. They recently fired the exterminator who was coming every week about the rats. He wasn’t able to do anything more that he had already done anyway.

None of this has been fair to me. I’ve been complaining for a long time about these issues and was told my only option was to move.



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  1. I’m sorry but the apartment manger is full of shit, they ARE responsible for the rats and the damage to your stuff. You don’t own the building and unless you are the reason the rats are there, it IS their responsibility. It seems like they are taking advantage of you, I don’t know how it works in your state but here (im in NY state) you can call the heath department and report them.

    I read in another post you are moving to another apartment in the same building, I also read that you are dealing with bed bugs, that is also something you can report to your state or counties health department. If I were you, I would look for another building to move too, if you are going through all this BS. You are in my thoughts.

    1. I’m not going to be in the same building. I’m in A and am moving to C. I’m afraid to do anything to get them in trouble because I’m waiting on a housing voucher but won’t be able to get it until next year. We have an arraignment with my mom being the cosigner. No other place will allow her to cosign for me since she now lives in another state. If I get kicked out of here, I’d be homeless.

      1. Wow that really sucks, My mom cosigned for me as well, I hope the housing comes in for you soon. I know the feeling of being trapped somewhere and about being homeless as well (I was twice). I am sorry you are in such a screwed up situation though.

  2. Yuck. That sucks when landlords won’t own up to their responsibilities. Seems like a common thing with my friends who rent – Even though there are regulations, there is a default to “my house my rules” stance. I hope your new place is better.
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