Tried local buy & sell apps, scammers galore

I downloaded OfferUp and LetGo, local buying and selling apps. They’re nice apps, but they are really lacking in security as far as people who aren’t who they say they are or are trying to scam people. Yesterday, a lady who had a high rating on OfferUp messaged me saying she was interested in an item I was selling and wanted to meet. I told her where to meet me and she asked if I’d be ready in 30 minutes. I said yes. She ended up not showing up, and never replied to my message. Today, the messages disappeared and so did her profile. I felt stupid waiting for her, I thought that since she had a good rating, then she was legit. Today, a guy messaged me on LetGo interested in the item, and he seemed really off. Then he said he was going to send a certified check because of his work schedule. I knew right away that this was a scam, and he then suddenly deleted his account. OfferUp has a verification option to scan your driver’s license, but it’s optional. I think things like that should be mandatory to stop the scammers. Both apps give the option to report a user for scamming or not showing up, but that doesn’t do any good when they delete their accounts. There are many complaints of scammers in the reviews of the apps in the Play Store.

I don’t really like selling on eBay, because I’ve been scammed in the past. Years ago, I was selling a Bible cover brand new with tags because it was the wrong size. A lady bought it, I shipped it, and when she got it she messaged me a picture of what I’m not certain even was the actual Bible cover, covered in ink stains. I knew for a fact that it did not have ink stains when I sent it to her. I told her to send it back for a refund, but she refused and opened an eBay case against me. She was still refusing to return it, so I ended up just refunding her to get her to stop bothering me. Then she left me a negative saying I didn’t refund the shipping when I did. I had to block her so she couldn’t bid on any of my items again.



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