Moving to a different apartment in August

Unfortunately, the issues just keep going on. The rats will not go away, and there’s a bed bug situation in the area. The neighbors are doing things they shouldn’t be doing (dumpster diving) and aren’t learning. Unfortunately, they have to be caught doing it before anything can be done about it. The exterminator determined that they’re coming from upstairs. I saw the people upstairs haul a mattress out a few months ago. That does not get rid of bed bugs. They should have reported them right away, as it states in the lease. The exterminator is doing an inspection of their apartment as well as 2 others around me.

There’s an apartment in a certain building that I’m interested in, but someone is living there right now and they won’t be moving out until the end of July. After they move out, the apartment will have to be cleaned and painted. I have to go to the office on Monday to sign the paperwork. It sucks that the rent will be going up by $60 a month, but there’s no way out of that. I still have to wait until I’m next on the list for subsidized housing and that could take years. I didn’t want to move right away because I need time to figure out how and where I’m going to get enough boxes to pack everything. I really don’t want to go to all the trouble of moving, but I don’t want the rats to destroy any more of my furniture. I think once I get out of this particular apartment and away from all these issues, I’ll start feeling better.



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