Moving on August 15th

Yesterday, I had a talk with the manager about transferring to a different apartment. I will be moving to a different building in August. I can’t move sooner because I was only given 2 apartments to choose from. There is a couple living in the apartment I’m moving to, and they won’t be moving out until the end of July. I just can’t deal with the rodents anymore. I’m also tired of the exterminator coming every week. Every Tuesday, I have to stay home and wait for him to show up. There are other things I need to be doing than waiting around. When I move to the new apartment, hopefully I won’t have to deal with rodents or an exterminator coming over all the time. It’s going to be a lot of work to move, but the rodents are forcing me out. I just want to live normally without having to think of keeping everything put away or hidden so they don’t get chewed up or eaten. I hope they’ll be tearing up the kitchen to find out the source of the problem so whoever moves in here after me doesn’t have to deal with it.

On an unrelated note, I have made changes to the hosting page. I’m still offering free hosting, but I have added paid options as well.



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