I’m just sick of this

I really can’t deal with this rat problem anymore. There’s obviously an infestation. The exterminator setting traps is not fixing the problem. It has to be determined how they are getting in and that entrance sealed off. I really don’t think anyone has been making enough effort to get rid of them. I can’t move until August. They can’t keep ignoring the problem or doing very little about it because nobody else is going to want to move into this apartment after me with this problem. I’ve lived here for 4 years, and the past year I have had nothing but problems with rats and other pests. It’s the type of people moving in around me. The problem started next door, but because she has a cat, they’re all over here now. Nobody should be stuck in an apartment and have to live with something like this, it is a health hazard. I have a feeling time is going to go by really slow, August seems so far away.

Update on eBay situation

On a previous post, I mentioned problems with a buyer leaving unfair negative feedback. A member of a Facebook eBay group told me to call eBay and they should remove the feedback. So I called eBay, they looked at the messages and my listing. The listing clearly stated that shipping was UPS only and they saw that he demanded me to ship via USPS because he had a PO box. He knew UPS couldn’t deliver to a PO box but bid anyway. eBay sided with me and removed the feedback he left. I’m glad I was able to get that removed, because that was ridiculous.

People just don’t get it

I get tired of having to explain myself to people. Most people I encounter think I’m just being “shy”. I also don’t know why these people practically force me to talk to them. 85% of the time, I want to be left alone. You’d think that would be obvious? I’d think that more people would be aware of autism by now, but apparently not. When I was forced to do that substance abuse treatment by the judge, none of the people there understood even though I explained it at least 20 times. Neighbors are always trying to get me to talk to them. One guy in particular is nice and everything, but he seems to get upset when I don’t say hi to him. I don’t even think to say hi to people, I keep to myself. Socializing isn’t something I really think about. I just like to go about my day doing what I need to do, and feel like these people just keep “interrupting”. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself, but people won’t let it go and I feel forced into talking to them.

My advice is if you see someone who is by themselves or seem absorbed in what they’re doing, think about the fact that they may have autism. If they don’t seem like they want to talk, don’t force it. If they want to talk, they will. It should be voluntary.

Moving on August 15th

Yesterday, I had a talk with the manager about transferring to a different apartment. I will be moving to a different building in August. I can’t move sooner because I was only given 2 apartments to choose from. There is a couple living in the apartment I’m moving to, and they won’t be moving out until the end of July. I just can’t deal with the rodents anymore. I’m also tired of the exterminator coming every week. Every Tuesday, I have to stay home and wait for him to show up. There are other things I need to be doing than waiting around. When I move to the new apartment, hopefully I won’t have to deal with rodents or an exterminator coming over all the time. It’s going to be a lot of work to move, but the rodents are forcing me out. I just want to live normally without having to think of keeping everything put away or hidden so they don’t get chewed up or eaten. I hope they’ll be tearing up the kitchen to find out the source of the problem so whoever moves in here after me doesn’t have to deal with it.

On an unrelated note, I have made changes to the hosting page. I’m still offering free hosting, but I have added paid options as well.

I don’t think I’ll be selling on eBay anymore

Last night an auction ended for an item I was selling. The buyer paid and started making demands. He demanded that I ship immediately and through a different carrier than what was listed. I chose UPS because they actually come and pick up packages on time, when USPS does not. The listing stated it would be shipped via UPS, and I couldn’t ship to his PO box. I told him this, that the listing stated ship time and what service, and that I knew that I could not ship to his PO box via UPS as stated in the listing. I cancelled the order and refunded him. He seemed really mad and left me negative feedback claiming there was no communication (there was). I offered free shipping, so I was the one who would have had to pay for it, not him. If he didn’t agree to the shipping, or knew it was being shipped via UPS that I wouldn’t be able to ship to a PO box, he should not have bid. There was an option on eBay to report him for telling me to ship other than what was on the listing, so I did. I doubt anything will come of it, but my 100% positive feedback took a dive because he didn’t read the listing.

I ended up giving the next highest bidder a second chance offer, and he bought it. I really hope this guy doesn’t cause any problems, but with eBay and unreasonable buyers, who knows.

Moving to a different apartment in August

Unfortunately, the issues just keep going on. The rats will not go away, and there’s a bed bug situation in the area. The neighbors are doing things they shouldn’t be doing (dumpster diving) and aren’t learning. Unfortunately, they have to be caught doing it before anything can be done about it. The exterminator determined that they’re coming from upstairs. I saw the people upstairs haul a mattress out a few months ago. That does not get rid of bed bugs. They should have reported them right away, as it states in the lease. The exterminator is doing an inspection of their apartment as well as 2 others around me.

There’s an apartment in a certain building that I’m interested in, but someone is living there right now and they won’t be moving out until the end of July. After they move out, the apartment will have to be cleaned and painted. I have to go to the office on Monday to sign the paperwork. It sucks that the rent will be going up by $60 a month, but there’s no way out of that. I still have to wait until I’m next on the list for subsidized housing and that could take years. I didn’t want to move right away because I need time to figure out how and where I’m going to get enough boxes to pack everything. I really don’t want to go to all the trouble of moving, but I don’t want the rats to destroy any more of my furniture. I think once I get out of this particular apartment and away from all these issues, I’ll start feeling better.

Emergency at the clinic today

Normally I post happenings at the clinic on sometimes.blue, but this I decided to post here. I had a therapy appointment today, and it went well. I was waiting in the lobby for a cab home when things took a turn for the worse. First there was a lot of whispering, then someone shouted “call 911” and then there was a “code yellow” alert over the loudspeaker and a lady said to hurry and come with her. Everyone was running out the back of the building. A code yellow means someone on the premises has a weapon. My case manager and a few people were trying to keep me calm because I started to go into a panic attack. They were all saying this was a drill, but clearly it was not because cops were everywhere and a woman was arrested. Very scary situation. I don’t know if this will be on the news or not because terrible things happen in Phoenix all the time. This was probably more of a mental health issue than a criminal one, but I don’t know any more details. I’ll update this if I hear any more.

Another bed bug situation

Last year, I got bed bugs really bad. I have never had them in my life. Seems funny to me that after a new guy moved in who was bringing in used furniture from the dumpster got them and then I did. Of course the apartment manager didn’t accept this reason and blamed it on me. I was forced to pay over $200 for the treatments which didn’t even get rid of them. Another exterminator had to come in and get rid of them.

Fast forward to now, I’ve been seeing a few of them here and there in the bathroom sink. I notified the manager because I’m required to do that as per my lease. I told her that if they’re being found in the bathroom, they’re probably coming from another apartment. She said that that was plausible, but is probably residual activity, again blaming it on me. Well, the exterminator came yesterday, found no bed bug activity in my apartment, and determined they were coming from another apartment. I got an e-mail from the manager saying that no activity was found in my apartment and that an inspection will be done next Tuesday on neighboring apartments. No apology or anything. I hope they find out who it is because if they’re not reporting the problem to the manager, they’ll get in serious trouble. I don’t know how they’re going to be able to properly inspect the lady next door. I’ve been in her apartment, and there is so much stuff that you can barely walk in there. She can’t even sleep in the bedroom because it is literally full of boxes. Hopefully something is done about this whole situation.

Tried local buy & sell apps, scammers galore

I downloaded OfferUp and LetGo, local buying and selling apps. They’re nice apps, but they are really lacking in security as far as people who aren’t who they say they are or are trying to scam people. Yesterday, a lady who had a high rating on OfferUp messaged me saying she was interested in an item I was selling and wanted to meet. I told her where to meet me and she asked if I’d be ready in 30 minutes. I said yes. She ended up not showing up, and never replied to my message. Today, the messages disappeared and so did her profile. I felt stupid waiting for her, I thought that since she had a good rating, then she was legit. Today, a guy messaged me on LetGo interested in the item, and he seemed really off. Then he said he was going to send a certified check because of his work schedule. I knew right away that this was a scam, and he then suddenly deleted his account. OfferUp has a verification option to scan your driver’s license, but it’s optional. I think things like that should be mandatory to stop the scammers. Both apps give the option to report a user for scamming or not showing up, but that doesn’t do any good when they delete their accounts. There are many complaints of scammers in the reviews of the apps in the Play Store.

I don’t really like selling on eBay, because I’ve been scammed in the past. Years ago, I was selling a Bible cover brand new with tags because it was the wrong size. A lady bought it, I shipped it, and when she got it she messaged me a picture of what I’m not certain even was the actual Bible cover, covered in ink stains. I knew for a fact that it did not have ink stains when I sent it to her. I told her to send it back for a refund, but she refused and opened an eBay case against me. She was still refusing to return it, so I ended up just refunding her to get her to stop bothering me. Then she left me a negative saying I didn’t refund the shipping when I did. I had to block her so she couldn’t bid on any of my items again.

Worried about my dad

I was talking to my mom on the phone today and she told me he’s not doing well. He’s being sent to an endocrinologist and a heart doctor. He has Diabetes really bad and has heart disease. His blood sugar keeps dropping too much and he had a quadruple bypass when I was still in high school, so I’m really worried. He’s so stubborn so he tends to not go to doctors and do what he’s supposed to. My mom said she doesn’t know when he’ll be seeing these doctors. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. If anything happens to him (or my mom) I will definitely need to see a grief counselor. I don’t know if I’d mentally be able to handle it.

I really hate to do this

I have a GoFundMe set up because according to Verizon now, I still owe on the phone that was stolen. I was making monthly payments on the phone and I was still paying on it. I hate to ask for help with this, but I really can’t afford to pay the $208 I owe on it all at once. I had to enter another payment agreement to get a new phone (that I received on Monday). The $208 will be added to my next bill which is due on June 7th. If anyone can donate even a little bit, it will help lower the bill. In return, I can offer free hosting and a permanent link to your site on here. I’m just at a loss about what to do here. I was going to keep the phone until it was paid off, but some asshole stole it and Verizon doesn’t seem to care.

I might get bad feedback from this, but I’ve seen GoFundMe pages set up for worse things.