Saw a new doctor today

I didn’t really care for the new doctor I saw today. When he would ask me a question, he would interrupt me when I was in the middle of answering. I just found it really irritating. You can read more about my mental health stuff here.

The legal stuff is still going on, I hope for my sanity that it ends soon, it’s been going on for 7 months now. It’s still in my best interests to keep it quiet for now.

I found a really cool website called Mood Panda, you can rate your happiness on a scale and explain further. If you want to follow me, my profile is here.

Another day in court

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Might be moving into a different apartment

I spoke with the assistant manager today and told her I was seriously considering taking up her offer on moving to a different apartment. The exterminator still can’t get rid of the rat problem and it’s highly unlikely that he will. I’m also still having issues with hot water. She told me to check back with her in April because there isn’t an apartment available right now. I will need more time than that, I’d say at least 2-3 months because of everything going on right now. I need more time to get all my ducks in a row. I also would have to weigh the pros and cons of a downstairs apartment versus an upstairs one.

I came down with an awful cold a couple days ago, and it has been making me miserable. Because of the medications I’m on, my options are limited on what type of cold medicine I can take. The one the pharmacist recommended is not helping at all, and I just can’t get any sleep because of the congestion and pressure in my head. I was told to drink water and rest. How do I rest with insomnia? Also, If I lie in bed too long, my back starts killing me. I really hope I get better soon because I can’t even taste any food. :angry:

I was upset that I had to cancel my therapy appointment today, but I just couldn’t go because I’m sick. There are so many things I need to talk about and work through, I hope I’ll be able to get another appointment at a later date.

Almost done

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