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I’m saddened to read two news articles about two people with Asperger’s who were shot and killed by police in Mesa, Arizona. Here’s the first article, and the second. Now, they shouldn’t have had knives, but when you’re having a mental health crisis, you can’t really think clearly. This article sums up most of my feelings about it. I had a mental health crisis last year and the police were called, what if they had shot and killed me?

“People experiencing mental health crises deserve better. Nobody should have to worry that when they call police to respond to a suicide crisis, the police will kill the person that they are supposed to be helping. Police departments and other public health and safety workers must be trained to understand that people experiencing mental health crises are typically not threats to others and should be treated with care instead of violence. Mental health providers must also be educated on the vital importance of transition-related health care, including for those on the autism spectrum and other disabilities.”

RIP Danielle and Kayden.



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