My thoughts on autism

As some of you may know (or don’t) I’m on the autistic spectrum. I was diagnosed in my teens. When I was a kid, doctors couldn’t figure out why I had limited social skills, sensory issues, etc. Because of this, I wasn’t provided with the therapy I needed. I often wonder if I would be better if they had diagnosed me sooner.

There are a few things that bother me about autism. One is that the main focus seems to be on autistic children, and not autistic adults. While I think it’s important for children with autism to get the help and support they need, adults need that too. After all, the children with autism will grow up to become autistic adults.

I’m in a Facebook group for adults with Asperger’s, and a majority of the people there have said they would not want a cure if one was ever discovered. Personally, I would take the cure in a heartbeat. They say autism/Asperger’s is a part of who they are and they wouldn’t want to change it. Yes, autism is a part of who I am, but I find it to be a burden. I still have problems socializing, reading body language, hypersensitivity to lights, sounds, touch, and smells. I never really had many friends, probably because of the impaired social skills. I’ve tried to make friends, but it tends to backfire. Most autistics want acceptance, and I do too. It’s really hard to get people to understand what it’s like to be on the spectrum. They really have no idea because they don’t experience it daily.

I wanted to share one of my favorite videos about Asperger’s:

Maybe this video will give you a better understanding of it.



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