Depression is kicking my ass

I’ve had a deep depression for a few weeks now, I was fine until I got bed bugs. They came in an exterminated once but will be back on Monday to do it again. It’s no fun getting bit when you’re trying to sleep. My apartment is an absolute mess because I had to remove everything from my kitchen, closets, dresser drawers, and closet, so there’s stuff everywhere. I hope this can get taken care of so that my apartment can go back to normal, I would feel more comfortable if things were back in order.

This apartment complex has really gone downhill. I’ve had roaches, rats, and now bed bugs. Plus the air conditioning keeps shutting down and the hot water doesn’t work half the time. I’d move but I have a year left on my lease. I can’t afford another place because I need utilities included and not many places offer that. So I’ve just been hanging in there to see if things get resolved.

That’s been what’s going on lately, I haven’t felt like getting on the computer or doing much really. When I get depressed I just want to sleep and do nothing. Hopefully when this is all over with I’ll feel better.

On a positive note, the Hello Kitty festival is at the end of this month. <3