Went to the doctor on Thursday, he increased meds

I was supposed to go on Monday, but my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t go, so I went on Thursday. My anxiety was so bad up until my appointment but I made it through it. I prefer morning appointments but they can’t seem to get me in in the mornings. I told my doctor about my problems with depression and hallucinations. He increased my anti-depressant and anti-psychotic to the highest possible doses. Hopefully I start feeling better.

Mental illnesses are so tough to deal with, and some people just don’t understand what I go through each day. I’ve been struggling since I was a child with this stuff and it just gets really tiring. :tired:

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I'm Erin, a 35 year old childfree woman with Asperger's living in Arizona. I enjoy blogging, movies, reading, journal writing, Android, The X-Files, Stranger Things, metal, 80's and electronic music, cute things, ducks, pink, social networks, Hello Kitty, and Pusheen.

One comment on “Went to the doctor on Thursday, he increased meds

  1. I am glad that you could get to your doctor eventually. Sometimes it can be hard to go and I am sure it’s even harder for you.

    I hope that it can make a difference with the medication increase.

    Have you ever had help from any organisations that deal with the particular illnesses you have? I know meeting with people is not always easy, but maybe you could get information online or email them. I don’t know how it all works in your country though and if those places also want insurance or not. -_-
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