Christmas is almost over

As Christmas is coming to an end, I can’t help but feel a little bit sad and a little bit relieved to be honest. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but missing my family is the toughest part of it. I ended up buying myself a couple more gifts, a Hello Kitty necklace and a Hello Kitty phone case and wallet in one. My favorite thing I got was my Hello Kitty Dream Diary, I’ve been writing in it often to express my thoughts. I spent some of the day with my friend, it was nice to have some company over since I’m out here alone.

Ever since I moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area, it’s never felt like Christmas because I’m used to the snow back east. I think I’m going to leave my tree, lights, and other decorations up until New Year’s. I put in so much effort to decorate and I want them up a little bit longer.

What did you get for Christmas? What was your favorite gift?

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I'm Erin, a 35 year old childfree woman with Asperger's living in Arizona. I enjoy blogging, movies, reading, journal writing, Android, The X-Files, Stranger Things, metal, 80's and electronic music, cute things, ducks, pink, social networks, Hello Kitty, and Pusheen.

3 comments on “Christmas is almost over

  1. I have been lucky and never had a Christmas where I wasn’t with family, I would find it really hard to have to do that, and I’m sorry to hear that it was a bit lonely. Maybe next year will be a bit different though? :)

    I got a TV for my room so I can play my PS3 without hogging the main TV. It’s a lot of fun, but I have to try and limit the gaming time or I get a headache. xD
    Kya recently posted: Christmas 2014

  2. I received mostly money for Christmas, but I feel it’s sort of the best thing, because…well, maybe it’s unfortunate people don’t know me well enough to know what I like? But I’m not complaining… for Secret Santa, I received a really cute Mickey Mouse sweater in a fabric I really love, so that’s awesome. c: It makes me feel adorable when I wear it, and what’s more, the tag isn’t as obnoxious as tags in sweaters normally are… I’m picky about my clothes :s

    We don’t normally get snow here until around January or February, and it rarely sticks. Since I live in suburbia now, the snow gets to stay (we don’t have stuffs to remove it, not really), and the ice is removed/melted away/etc. with this salty sand mixture.

    Maybe next year you’ll be able to make it home to spend it with family? %%-
    Liz recently posted: Life Update #14

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