I still can’t get over her

Even though my ex-girlfriend (I’m bi) and I broke up months ago, I still can’t get over her. It sucks having to see her whenever I want to go outside to smoke (we’re not allowed to smoke in our apartments here). It’s like the breakup didn’t phase her at all, she dumped me and broke my heart. My heart is still broken and I don’t know what to do to get over it. Her being with someone else makes me feel jealous and more hurt. She was seeing a guy too while we were dating, but for some reason it bothers me that she may find another woman. What has worked for me in the past after a breakup is cutting off all contact, but she’s always around so that’s hard to do. Maybe I’m having these feelings because I’m depressed and lonely, or it could be because it’s that time of the month. Someday I hope to find someone who won’t break my heart.

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I'm Erin, a 35 year old childfree woman with Asperger's living in Arizona. I enjoy blogging, movies, reading, journal writing, Android, The X-Files, Stranger Things, metal, 80's and electronic music, cute things, ducks, pink, social networks, Hello Kitty, and Pusheen.

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