I guess this is it

It seems my ex-girlfriend and I’s friendship is over. She’s been ignoring me and deleted me from Facebook. I blocked her number too. Being friends with an ex has never worked for me and this isn’t working. I know she has a lot she’s dealing with right now, but I just can’t be friends with her. This is hard to do because she lives by me. I’m going to try to avoid her as much as possible. She’s causing unnecessary stress in my life and it has to stop. She’s also not very understanding of me and my illnesses and I don’t need a friend like that.

I just want to move on with my life.

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I'm Erin, a 35 year old childfree woman with Asperger's living in Arizona. I enjoy blogging, movies, reading, journal writing, Android, The X-Files, Stranger Things, metal, 80's and electronic music, cute things, ducks, pink, social networks, Hello Kitty, and Pusheen.

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  1. As hard as it probably is, it will probably be worth it, because you don’t need the extra stress or someone that does not understand. >:D<

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