Couldn’t go to the show tonight

I was supposed to see Whitechapel tonight, but I couldn’t go. I was having panic attacks and felt sick. Devil Driver was headlining (don’t know anything about them, but they must be big to have the radio station there). I’m just not in a good enough place mentally to handle being around that many people. Ever since my doctor put me on Luvox I’ve been doing really bad. I see him again on the 29th so I’m hoping he’ll actually listen to me and put me back on what I was on before. It seems he just wants to talk at me instead of listening. I’ve already had doctors switched around and I’m getting tired of it. I’m doing terrible so he needs to do something about it. I’m already bummed enough for missing one of my favorite bands that I paid to see (that’s about a $25 loss). If I can’t do the things I enjoy or barely leave the house, something needs to be done. I just hate feeling like this.



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