Dear Aaron


Why oh why did I contact you again after two years after we split? I don’t know what I was thinking. You told me you changed, and you were still the same lying jerk you were two years ago. What did you expect to happen? What’s worse is you blame it all on me, when you’re the one who chose to lie and screw things up again. Now your friend hates me too, funny how guys don’t care about the truth and I’m the bad guy here. People who actually know me well enough have said I did the right thing, I know I did the right thing. Why can’t you see that? Saying what you did about my depression was a low blow, you know nothing about what I’m going through right now. You didn’t have to treat me like dirt for wanting to smooth things over. I admit I should have just left it alone, but excuse me for caring. I won’t do that again, because you aren’t worth caring about.

I guess it’s for the best that you’re out of my life now. All I feel is anger, hurt, and sad mostly at myself for letting this happen again. You were one of my biggest mistakes.


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