Phoenix Zoo

Yesterday I went to the Phoenix Zoo, it was my first full experience there (last year I went but had to leave early because the guy I was dating at the time had a seizure and I had to take him home). I was there for about 5 hours, and I still don’t think I got to see everything. I had to hurry toward the end because it was closing. I took some pictures with my phone (the photos were re-sized and color/contrast was edited in Photoshop):

[nggallery id=Zoo]

Unfortunately I don’t remember what some of the animal(s) were in some of the pictures. There was a lot to see and do, I will probably go back again sometime when I have more time to see everything. I really liked the Safari Train, it was a 25 minute ride around the zoo with information on the animals we passed by. I also enjoyed the desert trail where I saw some interesting rocks and cacti.


I have been feeling blah lately, I think it’s because of a new medication the doctor gave me. I’ve been on it for only a week so I want to give it more of a chance. If I’m still feeling blah next week, I’m calling the doctor. I’m also worried about losing some of my medical coverage because I’m a student. They requested that I send in what I get for financial aid and cost of tuition. I’m waiting to hear back from them. I’ll be upset if I lose some medical coverage because I get grants to help pay for school (that are all used for classes and books). If I do lose it, I still have a backup but I will have to find new doctors and the costs will go up a lot.

The other night I went to see Impending Doom because I won’t be going to the Metal Alliance Tour or Warped Tour. It was fun and not very crowded which was good. I saw the lineup for the Mayhem Festival, it has a few of my favorite bands but I can’t go. Outdoor festivals in 115 degree heat are just not for me. I will wait for smaller tours at indoor venues. I remember in 2010 I went to Warped Tour, I basically spent $35 to hang out in the bathroom to get out of the sun and splash cold water on my face. I had to leave after 2 hours because I got sick from the heat. It’s just not worth it. Summers here are absolutely brutal. #:-S


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It’s all just too much

Edit: To make matters worse, she tried to steal my car last night when I was asleep. My mom stopped her before she could finish backing out of the driveway.

I have mentioned how bad my home life is before on my old domain (I don’t know if anyone even reads these things anyway) but everything has gotten much worse. Here’s a bit of a backstory.

My sister has some serious mental issues as well as a heroin problem. Almost every day in this house is a nightmare. She screams, slams doors, calls all of us names, and steals whatever she can get her hands on. Unfortunately, because of my limited income, I can’t just go get an apartment. It has to be income based, which have waiting lists. I really hope one is available so I can move this year or the next.

My parents have done nothing but try to help my sister, but my dad keeps handing her money which is not the right thing to do for a drug addict. My mom has taken her to a psychiatrist and got her on medication to try to help her get off of the drugs, which my mom has to pay for out of pocket (very expensive). It seems obvious to me that she’s still on drugs by her behavior. Some nights I have been in tears because of how horribly she treats all of us. My dad got so angry at her screaming at him that he looked like he was going to hit her. My dad refuses to kick her out because he feels bad for her. My mom believes in tough love and her and dad get into arguments about this all the time. He says he can’t just put her out on the street because she’s his daughter. What he doesn’t realize is, he’s not doing her any favors by allowing her to stay here and give her money. This gives her no incentive to change. We wonder if she ever will, because when we moved out here to Arizona, we left her behind in Pennsylvania. She lived on the streets for a year, and my parents allowed her to come here to stay with us because she said she’d change. She hasn’t.

She lives like one of those people you see on that show Hoarders, piles of stuff everywhere including rotting food. She has burnt holes and stained the brand new carpet in her bedroom. She just doesn’t care. Her boyfriend (who she breaks up with and gets back together with every week which is even more drama), is also a problem. He was basically living in our house for months and sneaking in her bedroom window until my dad told him he’d call the police because he didn’t want him in this house. I don’t think she has any business driving either, because she keeps getting ticket after ticket and ignores them. Debt collectors keep calling because of a medical bill she can’t pay and refuses to try to work something out. She can’t keep a job because she won’t show up. She only has two things on her mind: boyfriend and drugs.

Fast forward to tonight, a police officer showed up at our door asking for her and her boyfriend. I was outside and told him they weren’t home and didn’t know where they were. He said she was walking around Walmart for 3 hours acting very suspicious. A woman claimed she stole her wallet and ran. The cop asked her if he could search her, and she declined. He couldn’t do it because he was the only cop and I guess another cop would have to be there to witness it or something. He also asked her to show him her arms which she also refused. You can tell by looking at her she has a drug problem, and she of course didn’t want to show him the needle marks on her arms. The cop unfortunately said he had no proof that she stole the wallet, but had a strong suspicion that she did. He said if he had the proof he definitely would have arrested her. We all provided the cop with her history and he took her license plate number down and had her boyfriend’s as well. He gave us his number to call and told us to call 911 if she starts to scream and disrupt the house again. The cop said he wanted to do what he could to help us because he has a sister that has a drug problem and knows what we’re going through.

I really hope all this stuff catches up to her and she goes to jail. I think that is the only thing that will help her. We were telling the cop that back in Pennsylvania, she was transporting heroin with other people in her car and only got off with a paraphernalia charge. He thought that was crazy and said they are tougher out here. I think jail is what she needs. She’s gone far too long without punishment for all the stealing, harassment, and fraud she’s committed. It just makes me sick and embarrassed that I’m even related to someone like this. My mom is trying to get an apartment back in Pennsylvania because she can’t take it anymore. I wish my dad would stop allowing her to stay here because as long as she does, nothing will change. :-<

New year, new domain

You might be wondering why I got a new domain after having for so long. The main reason was cost. GoDaddy wanted $70 to renew it, and I think that’s too much. I used to be able to renew for one year which was much cheaper, but I guess they don’t allow that anymore. I also didn’t care for GoDaddy and couldn’t transfer to a new registrar because of something with .nu’s not being transferable (or something like that). will redirect here until it expires in April.

I apologize for not doing much of anything with my site, but the last class I was in was very stressful and time consuming. I’m also under a lot of stress and didn’t feel like bothering with it. As you can see, I removed all my old blog entries and redid the pages. If you had an account or were subscribed to e-mail updates on the old site, you should still be able to login or receive e-mail alerts.

I now have a new portfolio site and Deviantart account with free resources (you can find those links at the top navigation bar). I’m also offering domain and subdomain hosting for small blogs, information on that can be found in the domain section. I may consider hosting a different type of site as long as it’s small, but it would depend on what it’s about.

There’s not much new going on with me, other than I started new classes.